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My friend Jane is quite a talented artist. They say that opposites attract, and in our friendship many people would say that is the case… her free and gentle spirit is quite different from my A-type personality and need to have everything ordered, labled and planned (preferably in Excel).  And yet we have so much in common – funny that.

Jane’s created these AMAZING Christmas trees from original driftwood pieces. They speak for themselves, honestly a stunning piece to have for the upcoming festive season. On many many days and in lots of her spare time she can be seen wandering up and down Cape Town’s coastline collecting materials. In addition to these lovely trees, and arguably the even more beautiful artwork, are her mirrors – more on those soon!


We spend literally 15 minutes on an incredibly windy beach to take some pics of the Christmas Trees… and soon gave up on photographing the rest because the gale force was just too strong. Abandoning that attempt, we decided to stay another 15 minutes and soak up the last rays of light and watch the sun drop off the horizon. I truly heart Cape Town and its breathtaking environment.

Happy Monday xx


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